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Prepare for harsh winter conditions by stocking up on Rock Salt

Salt Spreading

White Rock Salt

Brown Rock Salt

Rock Salt is used by Schools, Local Authorities, Highways Agency and Private Contractors as a recognised de-icing product to keep roads, motorways and public areas open in icy weather.

Whilst our natural brown Rock Salt comes from the UK we also supply an imported white crystalised Marine Salt that is produced from the evaporation of salt water in large man made lagoons.

We offer a variety of ways to buy your rock salt throughout the year with a fast reliable delivery service to meet your needs:-

  • Loose bulk deliveries of rock salt, direct from the mine.
  • Transport can be arranged for 10, 20 and 30 tonne loads.
  • Jumbo Bags of Rock Salt containing approximately 850kg per bag.
  • Transport can be arranged in lots of 1 to 33 bags per delivery.
  • Small palletised bags of Rock Salt containing approximately 20 kg
    per bag - 50 bags per pallet.
  • Transport can be arranged in lots of 1 to 24 pallets per delivery.
  • Mixed deliveries of "Jumbo Bags" and "Palletised Small Bags".

Transport can be arranged throughout the UK.

We have a range of vehicle sizes and types available to make the delivery service as easy as possible.

Couriers can deliver rock salt direct to your site, standard delivery times are 3 to 4 working days.

A next day courier delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.


Rock salt is found all over the world and was formed millions of years ago when large areas of salt water evaporated over time to form huge deposits of salt. Over time these deposits of salt were overlaid by marine sediments, sand and rock and compressed into what is now known as rock salt. Historically the salt deposits were first worked by hand, whereas today explosives and large scale quarrying equipment is deployed underground to excavate material. After transportation to the surface the rock salt is crushed and screened, into the sizes required for application to roads, footpaths and other public areas.

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