GDPR Statement

We collect and process information about all our suppliers, customers and prospects and we treat all our data in a secure and confidential manner. In line with the latest GDPR regulations, we will continue to observe the same level of security and transparency regarding how we use any organisation’s or consumer’s data.

The information we hold includes standard corporate details relating to your company.

This comprises of: Company Name; registered address; delivery address; registration number and VAT number.

We also collect and process your company bank and payment details as required.

For the same purposes, we also store and use your company and staff contact telephone, mobile and e-mail details.

We may also collect details of subcontractors that we deal with as part of the supply chain. Where such information identifies an individual, it falls under GDPR as ‘personal data’ and we are legally obliged to inform you about how and why we collect and process the personal data of your employees and contractors that we currently hold on our system or that we collect going forward.

As you’d expect, the personal data we hold is required for maintaining our trading and contractual relationship, general communication and marketing, to keep your organisation up-to-date with our business profile, product and service range.

For further information about ourcommitment to GDPR, you can view our full Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and GDPR statement on our website.

By submitting your interest in our services, we guarantee to process and protect your data securely.

You agree with our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and agree to further relevant marketing communications.

You can freely opt out and may request access to any information we hold about you any time

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