Finch Aggregates & Sustainability Building a Better Construction Industry

The construction industry is essential to a thriving national economy. Our built environment is the foundation of our entire societal infrastructure from homes, hospitals, industry, retail, commerce and leisure.

Construction is currently responsible for around 40% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Our industry therefore has a huge responsibility to do things in the right way for all of us and our planet.

Finch Aggregates understand that sustainability secures long term success for our communities, customers and our company by continually improving the environmental, social and economic performance of our products, services and solutions.







We are committed to making our own contribution towards a circular economy through longer and more efficient use of resources. Avoiding unnecessary waste and pollution.

The impact of this approach is proven to reduce emissions and even cut costs. Recycled and secondary materials now account for 28% of the total aggregate supply in the UK. Presenting us as a world leader, well ahead of the European average.

We work closely with a supplier processing IBA through Energy from Waste (EfW) plants in urban sites. This has a huge positive impact in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through extraction, production and transport with a staggering 250% less Co2 emissions, 20% less material usage and 20% less vehicle movements.

Finch Aggregates support ongoing developments to power quarries through renewable resources such as wind, solar and energy storage solutions. There are also initiatives to send zero waste to UK Landfill by 2050.

Depleted quarries can be restored and made safe, being returned to agriculture with little, if any, sign that they have ever been worked.

The restoration of land borrowed for aggregates extraction can be carried out to a very high standard creating areas rich in native wildlife, flora and fauna, benefiting local communities.

Our Finch Sustainability Shield indicates our commitment to the whole wider cause. As the leading independent supplier of quarry products in the North West, we want all our customers to know that everything we do is well researched and considered to demonstrate the very best sustainability credentials for your project.

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